Lent 2021

Celebrating Lent 2021 at St Peter’s Church

Lent 2021 Prayer Diary


17th For a holy Lent

18th For teachers of the word of God

19th For vocations both lay and ordained

20th For time spent with family and friends

21st Mark 1:9-15– For those who face temptation for strength to resist

22nd For all missionaries of the gospel

23rd For all people across the UK

24th For those who work in urban ministry

25th For those who work in rural ministry

26th For all who are oppressed in our world

27th For those to be Baptised & Confirmed

28th Mark 8:31-end For courage to pray for all we know to know Jesus


1st For our work & witness in Jesus name

2nd For peace in our community

3rd For thanksgiving for all we have

4th For those in need of comfort

5th For thanksgiving for the generosity of God

6th For all of creation

7th John 2:113-22 For those who walk with us on our journey

8th For those who inspire our journeys of faith

9th For those who provide all we need

10th For the courage to live a life of service

11th For obedience to God’s word & message

12th For generous People

13th For the ability to be peacemakers

March cont…

14th John 19:25b-27 For Mothers and the Mother church

15th For governments & leaders to act wisely

16th For courage to be a voice for all who are not heard

17th For the poor and lowly to be lifted up

18th For an ease to forgive & forget

19th For generous Giving

20th For the ability to be good stewards of what God has given us

21st John 12:20-33 For the promise of eternal life

22nd For a clear vision of God in our lives

23rd For places where reconciliation is needed

24th For guidance to live lives founded on prayer

25th For all we will meet today

26th For our generosity to others

27th For faith to guide our lives

28th Palm Sunday Mark 14:1-end of 15
For the gospel to be heard afresh today

Holy Week

29th John 12:1-11 For the poor

30th John 12:20-36 For those who seek Jesus

31st John 13:21-32 For those in need of light


1st Maundy Thursday
John 13:1-17; 31b-35 For strength to follow the example of Jesus

2nd Good Friday
John 18:1-19:42 For the way to the cross

3rd Easter Eve
John 19:38-42 For the kindness of strangers in times of sadness

4th Easter Day
For the celebration of Christ rising from the dead – Alleluia!

This Lent there are many different ways for you to mark the season.
Blackburn Diocese have created a Lent book of reflections on St Mark’s Gospel which is free and available from Fleur.

Also from the Diocese will be a course run by the Bishops & Archdeacons on Mark’s gospel on Wednesday evenings. There will be five ‘live’ 15-20 minute talks – each presented on Zoom and followed by a Zoom breakout Q and A discussion. Each talk will also be made available in pre-recorded form on our YouTube channel by the weekend before each Zoom session date. (Details will be on the diocesan website for booking Diocesan Lent course: ‘Looking out in Lent’ | The Diocese of Blackburn (anglican.org)

The five sessions are as follows:

Week 1: February 24 (Bishop Jill) 
Looking Out in Lent by: Telling the Good News (Evangelism) Mark 1:14-20

Week 2: March 3 (Bishop Julian)
Looking Out in Lent by: Teaching the Faith (Discipleship) Mark 4, 21-34

Week 3: March 10 (Archdeacon David)
Looking Out in Lent by: Tending to human need (Service) Mark 5, 1-20

Week 4: March 17 (Bishop Philip) 
Looking Out in Lent by: Transforming society (Justice) Mark 10, 35-45

Week 5: March 24 (Archdeacon Mark)
Looking Out in Lent by: Treasuring creation (Environment) Mark 16, 1-8

Or you can sign up to the Church of England’s daily booklet which is available as an app or email and more details can be found at www.churchofengland.org

Or you can join us online for our own Lent Course – Life Source: a course on Prayer for Lent (Please note dates carefully)

Session 1 – Source of life: prayer as relationship
Thursday 18th February 1.30pm & 7.00pm

Session 2 – Source of joy: prayer as enjoying God
Wednesday 3rd March 7.00pm
Thursday 4th March 1.30pm

Session 3 – Source of light: prayer as listening
Wednesday 10th March 1.30pm & 7.00pm

Session 4 – Source of Wholeness: prayer as honesty
Thursday 18th March 1.30pm & 7.00pm

Session 5 – Source of love: prayer as care
Thursday 25th March 1.30pm & 7.00pm

Together @ Lent

It is traditional to give something up for Lent. This year why not take something up instead with our Together at Lent challenge. Take on one of these challenges for each of the 40 days of Lent (take a day off each Sunday!) and commit to spending time together as a family with God. You can complete them in any order and cross them off as you go.
Click on the image to download and print the list, or click here.