Returning to Church

Returning to Church after Corona Virus

Returning to Church after Corona Virus

We will be resuming services on Sunday 12th July at 9.00am and 10.30am

It is lovely to be able write these words although Church may not look and be exactly as it was when we were last here on 15th March 2020. Following Government and Church of England guidelines we have put the following instructions in place to try to keep everyone safe. We ask that when you feel the time is right for you to come to church for a service that out of respect, love and care for each other, that you abide by these instructions that have been put into place.

Arriving at Church

Please keep to the 2m spaces marked out on the floor starting at the entrance into church

Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entering church

On the next table, please collect your service sheet which will have everything on for the service and place your collection on the plate

You must then go straight into church

In Church

Pews are marked out in church following the 2m social distancing rule which means there are 30 spaces in church

One household/bubble or two socially distanced people on each pew in the main nave. One household/ bubble or one person on the side pews.

There will be no physical sharing of the peace, nor will we be able to sing hymns although Karen will be able to play music for us before during and after the service

As Communion will only be given in one kind please follow the instructions for coming up to receive the bread from Fleur

Leaving Church

Please make sure you leave 2m between you and the people in front and leave by the main red doors straight ahead.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided on leaving church

Please take your service sheet & notice sheet home with you

If you wish to chat, please do so outside where it is safe and space to do so.

Please Note:

Church will be cleaned thoroughly after each service

The kitchen will be out of bounds for everyone, therefore if you feel you may need a drink during the service you will need to bring one with you.

The toilets will be open but please use an antiseptic wipe on surfaces you have touched after use, or preferably cross your legs!

You are welcome to wear a face mask at church

Due to the requirements of the Track and Trace system across the country we are advised to keep a list of people attending each service – this information will be destroyed after 21 days

St Peter's Church Darwen - Returning to Church after Corona Virus